Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Traditional Knowledge, Food Sovereignty and Climate Change


Lead Organization: International Indian Treaty Council 

Partner Organizations: Centro de Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral Indígena (CEPRODI); Unidad de la Fuerza Indígena y Campesina (UFIC); found of the Indigenous Network for Food Sovereignty RISA; Farming Restoration Committee; and Aloha First.

Additional alliances: Chickaloon Native Village; Intertribal Buffalo Council (60 US Tribes); Traditional Native American Farmers Association; Yoemem Tekia Foundation; UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; Jittoa Bat Naika Weria; and United Confederation of Taino People. 

Award: $100,000 over 12 months (2016-2017)

The project focuses on the exchange and transmission of traditional knowledge, native foods, seeds and methods within and between Indigenous Peoples as a foundation for resiliency and to counter impacts of climate change. The initiative will bring Indigenous leaders to international policy discussions on these topics. The project will advocate for the Food Sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples, including rights to land, water, resources, consent, traditional knowledge and practices, language, cultural rights and heritage, and self-determination. It is particularly focused on resiliency and the capacity for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.

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