The First Step Towards a New Society: Women Peasants as Leaders in AgroEcology and Food Sovereignty


Lead Organization: Korean Women’s Peasant Network (KWPA)

Partner Organization: Via Campesina globally and especially in Asia.

Award: $85,000 for 18 months (2014-2016) 


This project:

  1. Documented and shared successful cases of agroecology, traditional farming, and native seeds in Korea;
  2. Organized national tours of researchers and agroecological peasants;
  3. Trained women;
  4. Created a local practice center/school;
  5. Built a coalition of peasants, progressive movements, civil society, trade unions and the women’ movements for agroecology and food sovereignty. The project put agroecology into local and national public policies to safeguard the rights of peasants practicing agroecology and support measures that complement the Act on the Management and Support of Environment-Friendly Agriculture and Fisheries and Organic Foods. 


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