Our Land Our Business


Lead Organization: Oakland Institute

Partner Organizations: CICODEV Africa; CNOP; Green Scenery; Ekta Parishad; Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia; and INSAF. 

Award: $85,000 over 18 months (2014-2016)

This project funds the second phase of a campaign to stop the World Bank’s Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (BBA). The rankings encourage opening of agricultural sectors in developing countries to foreign corporations for monocultural plantations. Phase II involves: Global days of Teach-Ins with over a dozen partner organizations, social media communication campaigns, country fact sheets on the impact of land grabbing and industrial agriculture and a research report. A strong communications strategy will ensure high visibility of the issues in international media and products will be used by partner organizations to develop advocacy at the local/national level. The campaign is linked with the the Civil Society Mobilization Against the G-8 Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. 

Round 2Firas Nasr