Strengthening and Expanding Agro-Ecological Systems for Food Sovereignty & Local Leadership, Chiapas


Lead Organization: Desarrollo Socio Económico para los Mexicanos Indígenas (DESMI)

Award: $100,000 over 24 months (2012-2014)

The Fund awarded Desarrollo Socio Económico para los Mexicanos Indígenas (DESMI) $100,000 to strengthen agroecological systems that promote food sovereignty, local leadership, and the sharing of knowledge and practices among small-scale, rural, indigenous, and women farmers around the Chiapas region of Mexico. This initiative will encourage community leadership and protect community food sovereignty by providing agroecology promoters in Chiapas with capacity-building support for community organizing, resource management, and technical knowledge exchange. DESMI will provide workshops focused on strengthening agroecological farming practices as well as technical assistance, including skills training, monitoring, and evaluation. DESMI will also host and facilitate peer learning exchanges on food sovereignty and climate change among local and regional organizations. By bolstering agroecological practices in the region while also empowering women and indigenous famers, this project provides the capacity-building tools and regional linkages that are critical to amplifying traditional and sustainable agricultural practices across Chiapas. 

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