Women's Networks for Biodiversity and Agro-Ecology


Lead Organization: Navdanya

Award: $50,000 over 24 months

The Fund awarded Navdanya $50,000 to amplify the knowledge and practices of women farmers, including indigenous individuals working throughout the Himalayas, to address the problems of poverty, malnutrition, and climate vulnerability in the region. This initiative will build a vocal movement by documenting and disseminating the knowledge and practices of women farmers and creating local and regional networks to exchange this knowledge. Navdanya will hold a series of workshops that bring together a diverse audience of farmers, scientists, think tanks, and policymakers to discuss integrating agroecological practices into food and agriculture policies. Navdanya will also coordinate two large-scale events—an international conference and a regional food festival— to increase awareness of food sovereignty and climate change. This project aims to build a movement by simultaneously establishing strong grassroots networks and building partnerships among farmers, researchers, and policymakers working at national and regional levels. 

Round 1Firas Nasr