Altan Shagai (Golden Knucklebone)


Lead Organization: Peace Building Center

Partner Organizations: Baikal Buryat Center for Indigenous Cultures (Non-Government Organization), Family farm “Bashuutan”, Family farm “Khuty”, Dornod Buryat Community “Bayan-Uul” (Community-Based Organization)

Location(s): Mongolia and Russia

Award: $90,000 over 24 months

Through a unique collaboration between farmers and scientists, the goal of the project is to enhance genetic diversity of livestock and promote agro-ecological solutions through revival and re-introduction of autochthonous breeds of cattle (specifically, the Buryat cow) to native landscapes in Russia and Mongolia. The Peace Building Center’s mission is to conserve animal genetic resources in an agroecological way and revive the sacred link between natural landscapes and traditional culture of indigenous people of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Sayan-Altai in their bio-cultural regions. The collaboration seeks to restore and improve their natural environments, and to promote sustainable food systems, healthy lifestyles and indigenous rural economies.

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