Donors and Advisors

The AgroEcology Fund is led by seven expert advisors and representatives of 19 donor organizations.


From small to large foundations to individual donors, the AgroEcology Fund has a highly diverse group of contributors. Why do they work together? To share learning and leverage strategic grants in the field. Here is a partial list of donors, as some choose to remain anonymous. Interested in joining the AgroEcology Fund? Contact us today. 

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Peterffy Foundation

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Tikva Grassroots Emopwerment Fund

Helianthus Fund

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Advisory Board

The AgroEcology Fund works closely with seven expert advisors with diverse roles and perspectives on the global agroecology movement. The advisors have expertise ranging from women’s and indigenous leadership to technical knowledge on agroecological practices to advocacy know-how to communication expertise. The advisors and participating donors jointly develop the overall strategy and discern among dozens of proposals to recommend final grantees.


Solome Lemma (U.S. and Ethiopia)
Thousand Currents/IDEX

Jahi Chappell (U.K.)
Coventry University

Angela Cordeiro (Brazil)
Independent Brazilian Agronomist

Carl Rangad (India)
North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society

Edie Mukiibi (Uganda)
Slow Food International

Sarojeni Rengam (Malaysia)
Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific

Erjen Khamaganova (Mongolia)

Francisco Rosado May (Mexico)
Universidad Intercultural Maya
de Quintana Roo



Transforming the current rotten food system is an inherently complex process. We fund complex collaborations of allied organizations that seek solutions within a broad agroecology movement. The AgroEcology Fund funds powerful coalitions - 49 lead organizations and 293 partners. Click here to learn more about who and what we fund. 


The AgroEcology Fund collaborates with dozens of organizations and networks to amplify agroecological solutions across the globe. For example, one strategic partner is the Agroecology Transitions Working Group of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. Many of our contributing donors are members of funder alliances such as the EDGE Funders Alliance, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), the Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems Funders Network (SAFSF), the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG), International Funders of Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), and the European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food of the European Foundation Centre (EFC).